Eric Harrison

Mercy Road

by Eric Harrison

Released 2017
Released 2017
14 new recordings mixed and mastered by Eric Kvortek and Kevin Salem, featuring Domenico and Mike Krajewski on drums, Mike Doktorski on bass, Seth Tieger and Kevin Salem on guitars and Eric Kvortek on keyboards.
Recorded by Eric Kvortek, Kevin Salem and Domenico

Mixed and Mastered by Eric Kvortek and Kevin Salem*

Drums: Domenico, Mike Krajewski**

Bass Guitar: Mike Doktorski, Kevin Salem+

Electric Guitars: Seth Tieger, Kevin Salem

Acoustic Guitars: Eric Harrison, Mark Bodino^

Keyboards: Eric Kvortek, Domenico, Kevin Salem

Background Vocals: Julie Bourgeois

Pedal Steel Guitar: Jim Cohen

Strings: Efrat Shapira, Simi Stone^^

Mandolin: Tom Sgrizzi

Accordion: Doug Miller

Photos by AJ Ford

For Jennifer, Eve and Jane