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Eric Harrison is a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter whose work "exhibits the strengths of Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan" with "original lyrics which border on genius" . . . "strong songwriting, good singing, thoughtful production" . . . "tight pop-folk gems bristling with wry sarcasm and desperate longing . . . radiant with more incandescent moments than most songwriters can muster in a career." (Option, Georgetown Review) 

In 2004 the YES Network began featuring the song "Opening Day" in "Pride, Power and Pinstripes,” the network’s annual spring training preview of the New York Yankees. 

In 2005 Harrison released 'A Little Bit of Sickness,' an album which Americana-UK described as "a rugged and organic collection of rock songs . . . that sits snugly somewhere between Buffalo Tom and early Soul Asylum."  Standout tracks included the country lament “Crying in Your Sleep” and “The Crush of the Moment,” a tribute to the late, great Joey Ramone. 

In 2017 Harrison released 'Mercy Road,' a 14 song collection produced by Domenico, Eric Kvortek and Kevin Salem.  Highlights included “Her Bewitching Face” - an update on Bob Dylan’s classic “I Want You” – and “1986,” a jangling and affectionate look back at a year of Aquanet, Capezios, Drakkar and the consecration of Bono as Messiah. 

In 2019 Harrison began recording new material with producer Kevin Salem. The first single "Our Band" is an ode to the Replacements and dad rockers of a certain age who struggle to keep the flame burning in a dark world of back pain, critical indifference and eye-rolling daughters. Subsequent singles include "Adrian," "A Home Is Not A Hologram" and two versions of "Down Down Down," an Americana duet with Nashville veteran Rachel Potter.

With The Great Shutdown of 2020 Eric began performing weekly Facebook Live shows interspersed with a few socially distanced outdoor concerts, both solo and with the Crash Chorus.  

The new album 'Gratitude' is scheduled for release in December 2020.