Eric Harrison is a Fanwood, New Jersey-based Americana singer-songwriter whose work has earned comparisons to Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan. Global Texan Chronicles called his 2020 album Gratitude “a brilliant album chock-full of personal and deep-rooted Americana.” 

In 2021 Adventures in Americana celebrated Eric’s first post-COVID lockdown offering, the EP Good Intentions, for “a gentleness and compassion that expresses belief in a fundamental potential for goodness in humanity.“ 

Most recently Eric’s topical songwriting has tackled injustices both serious and … considerably less serious (at least outside the Garden State). 

Whatever the subject, Eric brings to bear the heart of a poet and the musical palette of a Beatlemaniac to produce tuneful roots music that defies cliche. 

Dear John (release date April 7, 2022) is a new five-song homage to the late great John Prine, who died of COVID-19 in April 2020. Download the MP3 or WAV files here.

As Eric explains in the liner notes

To write like John Prine is to write with a big heart. I don’t sing like JP and his influence on me may not be obvious, but because these five songs are bound by a conscious effort to write like (and about) him, I felt compelled to release them together. 

The single “Cougar Jenny” (release date February 11, 2022), a duet with Woodstock singer/songwriter Simi Stone, chronicles a torrid romance with a partner who was (once) twice the narrator’s age. The accompanying music video tells the sordid tale with actual footage of the star-crossed lovers as the affair unfolds:

Eric realizes he’s taking a risk in releasing "Cougar Jenny" as a single: “Will this tale of forbidden December-May romance offend modern sensibilities? That depends on how you feel about bologna and Romper Room. But I’m willing to flirt with cancellation for the sake of High Art.” 

Dear John releases on April 7, 2022, the second anniversary of the loss of the icon who inspired it. Contact via email or social media below.