PREMIERE: Eric Harrison gives you a glimpse of hope on his new album ‘Gratitude’ [ 11/20/20]

An album to redefine modern country, Eric Harrison’s Gratitude blends his experience with relatable, poetic lyrics and rich soundscapes. 

. . . . Gratitude marks a new era in Harrison’s artistic journey, achieving a brightness and sonic depth well-suited to its 10 life-affirming new tracks. The album borders between singer-songwriter textures and the tuneful indie rock of left-of-the-dial stalwarts like The Replacements. 


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ERIC HARRISON – Down, Down, Down (feat. Rachel Potter) [Global Texan Chronicles, 2/11/21]

The 2020 album ‘Gratitude‘ from Fanwood, New Jersey’s Eric Harrison is one that nearly got away. A 10-track set that sonically spans several eras of singer-songwriter rock n roll. Hints throughout of Tom Petty, The Smithereens, Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and beyond, all of the songs here work as meditative vignettes often inspired by the zeitgeist and all are deeply rooted. A brilliant album chockfull of personal and deep-rooted Americana. 


Eric Harrison Releases New Single 'A Home Is Not A Hologram'

Vents Magazine, 6/4/20

A Home Is Not A Hologram, the second single from Gratitude, is a lush, string-drenched acoustic ode to home and hearth:


A home is not a hologram
A sorry shack on a plot of land is worth more now than any prayer or price
We’ve got steel and wood and wire to forge a life out of tears and fire
Something real is always worth a fight
And a hologram is just a trick of light