Last Valentine’s Day I sent a musical love letter to Bruce Springsteen and received no reply. While the deafening silence from Colts Neck hurt my feelings, I consoled myself with the knowledge that the object of my affection was busy defending himself against (t)rumped-up DUI charges and recording self-congratulatory podcasts with a former leader of the free world. 

I suspected that Bruce and Barack’s contract had an ironclad Bromance Exclusivity Clause … at least that’s what I told myself as I waited by the phone every remaining night of 2021. 

Well it’s a new year, and as the old song goes, I’m gonna wash that Boss right outta my hair! 

For THIS Valentine’s Day I wrote a musical love letter to someone who has no choice but to respond, if only because I pay our mortgage. 

To my beloved baby mama - with shout-outs to my baby mama’s mama, my mama and other soon-to-be-mortified family members who had no idea this was coming - Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for making life worth living. 

Love, Eric