From the recording Dear John


It was a scandal - all I could handle
Jennifer was twice my age
She was six when I was three
Bologna and Romper Room were all the rage

Somebody found a basketful of kittens
By the woods at Bicentennial Park
Hold my juicebox - gotta check this out
That's where I got my first kiss on a lark

Hugs and kisses, hits and misses
Gonna make that girl my missus
Cougar Jenny I'll walk the line
My love for you was right on time

“How I spent my summer vacation”
By Jenny Lynn in second grade
I gave some little brat a kiss
He followed me around so then we played

I played the mommy, he played the dog
His bark was really sad
I guess I shoulda never made him fetch that stick
His mom was looking kinda mad

At hugs and kisses, hits and misses
A tetanus shot - Is that what this is?
Little boy you must not whine
My love for you will come in time

Well she became a rebel
Colored way outside the lines
And he ate crayons till it made me scream
At the nurse's office he did hard time

That was 20 years ago and the rest is history
Cougar Jenny I thank you, Dear
For unraveling the mystery

You still follow me around
Like I got something that you claim
And when this kid hears what we did
He’ll know where to place the blame

On hugs and kisses
Hits and misses
Let’s show ‘em all what wedded bliss is
Cougar Jenny you’re so fine
My love for you was right on time
I guess you’re gonna fall in line
My love for you was right on time